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You don't necessarily need a mountain of skills and knowledge to be a BORC volunteer - our chief stewards are on hand to offer guidance and support where necessary.

Everyone is welcome to volunteer and there is something for all of you so please do get involved. As member of BORC, you will be expected to help out on at least one event per year.

Volunteering at BORC championships  and qualifiers covers a range of disciplines, from dressage to show jumping as well as cross-country.

Running qualifiers and championships would not be possible without the loyal support of our dedicated volunteers. Each championship event can easily need up to 150 volunteers a day to cover all the necessary job roles so the show really wouldn't go on without all of you!

If you would like to become a volunteer, please click the button to contact us.

British Riding Clubs has Volunteer Leagues where you can collect points for helping at Club, and Area events and for committee roles.

For details click the button.



Our volunteers are so important as we couldn’t run events or go to competitions without them.


10 points = £1   ½ day’s volunteering = 50 points (£5)


Money off a BORC event or clinic


When you volunteer Jane will allocate your points and keep a record.

To redeem, contact Jane at or on Messenger for a voucher code. Use the voucher code on the Club website to redeem against BORC clinics and on Team Equestrian website to redeem against clothing. Minimum redemption £5 but you can bank your points and save up for a t-shirt or clinic, for example.

Points cannot be redeemed for cash or transferred to another person and if value of item / clinic is higher than points the difference can be paid but if lower there will be no refund.

Points accrued from Jan – Dec   must be used by February the following year.


In recognition of the extra effort and expense incurred by team members and individuals representing the Club at competitions, these members will receive 50 points towards training clinics or Club clothing.  Each team member or individual selected to represent the club can claim these points for each area qualifier they are chosen for by letting the team manager know which training clinic they attended leading up to the competition.

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