Teams Information

Welcome to our Teams information page.  If you click on the link below you will find all of the details that you need to get you started on your Riding Club teams journey!


Being part of a Riding Club team is a rewarding and exciting experience!

Our club encourages all members to take part in training clinics and social events in order to meet new friends and make the most of your Riding Club membership.  Then, after all your hard work, why not represent your club  by applying for a team competition or volunteering at an Area Qualifier to help our teams compete.

Its a great way to see how far you've come, experience a larger atmosphere, meet new people from our Area and do your club proud!

We hope that our teams will be competitive but most of all, it should be fun!

Area 6 Qualifiers and National Championships 


Intermediate Dressage                         Wellington                     

 7th November 2021

Novice Winter Dressag                        Wellington                    

12th December 2021

Novice & Intermediate Showjumping (AQ)   BCA                                 

26th February 2022

Combined Training (AQ)                                  TBA                                   


Combined Challenge (SJ/XC on grass) (AQ) TBA                                 


Arena Eventing (NC)                                  Aston Le Walls               

11-13 Mar 2022

Novice Dressage & SJ (NC)                        Arena UK                         

 26-27 Mar 2022

Intermediate Dressage  & SJ (NC)             Bury Farm                         

22-24 Apr

Combined Training & Combined Challenge Aston Le Walls                 

21-22 May