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  • Oversee club activities and finances, 

  • Ensure compliance with BRC affiliation 

  • Represent BORC at Area and Nationally

  • Devise & implement BORC code of conduct, vision, constitution and see T&C's are adhered to

  • Foster a culture of inclusiveness, a supportive community, enjoyment and learning amongst members and counter any poor behaviour, bullying inappropriate activities.

  • Chair committee meetings and where agreement is not possible have decision making power/ final vote 

  • Ensure all committee members are aware of their remit and are undertaking their roles appropriately

  • Participate !!


  • Set up and own Dropbox for sharing BORC files and keeping master documents

  • Take meeting minutes and follow up actions

  • Organise meetings and agendas as required

  • Support Membership secretary with website where necessary

  • Set up and monitor BORC email –

  • Hold BORC debit card to assist Chair/Treasurer with payments as required

  • Add Accident reports – follow guidance from Lydia, supported by Emma B. 


  • Log accounts incoming and outgoing 

  • Reconcile account against stripe payments in and bank transfers, card payments out 

  • Create monthly report monthly highlighting profit and loss breakdown and overall balance

  • Make payments to BRC, event organiser, trainers, venues etc as authorised by committee 

  • Provide float for events as required (please give notice) 

  • End of year accounts, committee to confirm end of year day 

  • Notify committee of any foreseeable cash flow shortages, unauthorised activity etc 

  • Move money to and from savings account as required to budget for future expenditures

  • Initial contact for Barclays as required 

Membership secretary:

  • Following up new and renewing membership applications. Making sure they have paid and send welcome letter, and sending details to BRC.

  • Answering member and non-member queries from website, Facebook and monitor bicox Email.

  • Support Communications role and assist with website

  • Maintaining correct details on Wix contact list so that it is a useful resource for committee members.

  • Publicising Member Benefits. Putting these on website.

  • Updating Member Points Spreadsheet and issuing vouchers.

  • Facebook pages admin functions and update Instagram account.

  • Composing group emails and sending out group emails and newsletters on behalf of others.

Events Co-ordinator:

  • coordinate the clinics and events run by the club

  • set dates with instructors and confirm

  • coordinate with venues and book 

  • create events on wix 

  • promote clinics through social media

  • answer queries, deal with people moving on and off clinics

  • post event put invoice or expense sheets through the treasurer to get timely payment

  • complete clinic budget sheet and send to treasurer 

  • complete venue risk assessments and update before event and send instructor H&S forms with emergency contact details

  • coordinate a team of 4 people who each are responsible for organising clinics 

  • any other adhoc duties such as setting up zoom calls etc 

  • Oversee role of Team Manager

Team Manager:

  • Select teams for the area qualifiers throughout the year.

  • 1.      6 weeks before the competition, put a last call out for people to register their interest to be part of a team

  • 2.      4 weeks before the competition, email all interested parties to check availability and interest, giving details of entry fees and classes

  • 3.      3 weeks before the competition, select the teams / individuals, inform them (and appoint a team captain if necessary) and make the pre-entry via the BRC website.

  • 4.      Set up a messenger group on facebook for all competitor information for that event, check vacs certs and eligibility, source volunteers, set up an event direct entry fee payment page on wix

  • 5.      1-2 weeks before the competition, ensure all competitors have paid direct entry fees to BORC then make direct entry to the hosting club and arrange payment

  • 6.      Week of the competition, communicate any requirements to competitors and volunteers

  • Complete declaration forms which have to be accurate and sent to the chief steward who has been selected for each particular show.

  • Try to encourage all members to participate in the teams.

  • Organise members to volunteer to the hosting club for RC events

Health and Safety/ Welfare and Safeguarding Officer:

  • To ensure that all members and non-members attending Bicester & Oxford Riding Club events and training are adhering to the British Riding Clubs Code of Conduct for the welfare of the horse/pony, which can be found here

  • To be familiar with this Code of Conduct and to ensure that organisers of Club events are too.

  • To ensure that any welfare issue at a club event is reported to the correct person. 

  • To inform the committee of any changes to the code of Conduct and support the Chair and committee in dealing with any reported welfare issues.

  • To ensure that event organisers have the correct paperwork and procedures in place.

  • Ensure that risk assessment are shared to Dropbox

  • To be conversant with BRC policies regarding H & S and to update the Committee on a monthly basis.

  • To follow the correct BRC procedure to assist the committee in reporting any H & S incidents.


  • To follow correct BRC procedure if any safeguarding issues or incidents are reported.

  • To be aware of the needs of vulnerable Club members and make any arrangements needed for their safety and welfare.

  • BORC does not have junior members but the safeguarding officer should advise whether a DBS checked steward should be in attendance at Open Shows to oversee safeguarding.

  • To keep a register of Committee Members who are DBS checked.

Social Organiser:

  • To organise regular Social events for the Club once a quarter in conjunction with the Events team.

Communications and Website manager:

  • To make sure that website is updated regularly.

  • To ensure that the website promotes a professional image of the Club.

  • To aid other committee members with website issues.

  • To compose a monthly newsletter, including contributions from others, which includes reviews of past events, news of future events, celebrates member successes, any other items which may be of interest to members, and keeps those informed that do not use social media.

  • Distributing newsletter.

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