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About  the Bicester & Oxford Riding Club

The Bicester & Oxford Riding Club is a club for those interested in horses and riding living in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire (although we are happy to have members from further afield).

We are a relatively new club having merged what were Bicester Riding Club and Oxford Riding Club  who had previously been in existence for 10 and 50 years respectively. 

Operating within Area 6 of British Riding Clubs, we are affiliated to the British Horse Society and our aim is to create a positive community of horse riders and horse lovers who have fun and who provide support and encouragement to one another, sharing our wins be they small or large and helping each other to get over the challenges that we all as horse owners from time to time face.  

We welcome riders of all levels and to this end we offer a range of events, training and activities, both ridden and non ridden to which all members are welcome.

Whilst training clinics are generally for our members only, some of our events are open to all, but we would note that as we feel that the local Pony Clubs cater so well for children, we don't have a junior section, so members do need to be at least 18yrs old.
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