You don't necessarily need a mountain of skills and knowledge to be a BORC volunteer - our chief stewards are on hand to offer guidance and support where necessary. Everyone is welcome to volunteer and there is something for all of you so please do get involved. As member of BORC, you will be expected to help out on at least one event per year.

Volunteering at BORC championships  and qualifiers covers a range of disciplines, from dressage to show jumping as well as cross-country.

Running qualifiers and championships would not be possible without the loyal support of our dedicated volunteers. Each championship event can easily need up to 150 volunteers a day to cover all the necessary job roles so the show really wouldn't go on without all of you!

If you would like to become a volunteer, please get in touch using the contact form.


British Riding Clubs has Volunteer Leagues where you can collect points for helping at Club, and Area events and for committee roles. For details see here: 


Bicester & Oxford Riding Club Participation League

Aims:     To encourage and widen participation in Club activities.

                To encourage a greater number of members to volunteer.


Participation League Format.

Every member (excluding committee members) to receive 10 points per ridden or non-ridden activity. (Camp 10 points per day attended)

Volunteers (official team volunteers or helpers at Club events) will receive 20 points per half day volunteered (4-5 hours or pro rata for shorter times) Wherever possible volunteers should not also be riding in the event. Those who abandon their volunteer role before their shift has ended will not receive points.

Jane to record on an Excel spreadsheet using information from Wix. (no personal score cards needed)

Will be backdated to 1st January 2021 and continue until 31st October 2021.(before annual AGM). Any scores after this date could be carried forward.

League table of top 10 will be published in the newsletter at the end of each month.

The members with the highest number of points annually will be awarded rosettes at the Club AGM in November.


Volunteer Rewards

Any member (excluding committee) who volunteers for half a day at an event will receive a £5 voucher to be used against a club event as well as points. This applies to 1)official team volunteers and 2)helpers at Bicester and Oxford Riding Club events.

There will be a cap on number of vouchers to be won by an individual member (i.e. £20)

Volunteer of the year to receive a prize. ( could be for doing something exceptional/ standing in at last minute rather than just volunteered most times)