Mandy Hervieu - Chairman
At 13 I finally managed to persuade my non horsey parents to let me have a pony. Sadly it turned out to be a barely backed 3 year old!    
I finally got my first ‘proper’ horse aged 29  when I finally earnt enough to own a horse! and joined my local riding club.

Scared I wasn’t a good enough rider and everyone would look down on me, I actually met some of my best friends there, had a huge amount of fun, ended up riding on teams and learnt so much – which to me is what riding clubs should be all about!

Since then being involved in Riding Clubs and working in the equine industry has enabled me to develop a good knowledge of the sport and give me confidence and I have subsequently competed in affiliated BE, BD and BS as well as lots of unaffiliated competitions.
I guess now I am now technically a 'veteran rider'  !!  I have recently got 'Cash'  (pictured right) for riding and have a field ornament 'Lilly', who is retired due to injury.
Cash and I try to ‘have a go’ at most things the club does, as well hunting, which is Cash’s favourite thing !