Branding Guidelines

Name: Bicester & Oxford Riding Club reflecting roots of club

Capital B,O,R and C. Bicester always to be placed before Oxford

Can be shortened to BORC



Depicts two horse heads symbolising ‘bi’ for Bicester

and two clubs in a horseshoe

The logo can be changes in size, but individual elements of logo

should not be moved around and proportions should be maintained


Font to be used on website and in logo is ‘Palatino Linotype’

Sizing should be :

Headers – 40pix

Sub Header – 30 pix

Copy – 20 pix


For documents and papers ‘Georgia’ may be used



A mix of Blue and Green to represent the two founder clubs and reflect the values of Trust, dependability, strength and growth . Silver grey to complement ‘popped’ with Orange for fun and friendly and Vivid green for Fresh and lively

Main Colour   (Aqua)                Pantone 312C

Second Colour (royal blue)       Pantone   2935

Third Colour (blue / green)       Pantone   3145

Support Colour (silver Grey)       Silver C

Bicester-_-Oxford-Riding-ClubV2 (1).png